Leger Whole Body Health, LLC
Ella Johnston-Leger, CHC, CFBA
Natural Health Counseling
                     Holistic Health Counseling through

                    Functional Blood Analysis



Leger Whole Body Health is committed to educating our clients so that you will be able to maintain a life long way of healthy eating and living.
Our philosophy is one of total health.  TOTAL HEALTH is a perfectly balanced state of body, mind and spirit.  ILLNESS reflects a state of imbalance.   The concept of holistic counseling is to treat the client as a whole entity, not only as a series of symptoms. 

Most people find themselves somewhere between TOTAL HEALTH and illness!  Leger Whole Body Health helps you discover where you are imbalanced and helps counsel you back to TOTAL HEALTH.

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We us a variety of means to help you understand and embrace what it means to live a healthy lifestyle.  We focus on each client as an individual and integrate their current beliefs and lifestyle into a new and healthier way of living.

Leger Whole Body Health goes beyond basic health counseling.   We offer innovative approaches to resolving your health issues.